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R. Scheuchl GmbH

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About us

Experience of more than 50 years
As small and medium sized enterprise we develop, plan and provide customized solutions for the foundry industry, the process and energy technology.

The corner stone for this was laid by Richard Scheuchl in the year 1962. A close symbiosis of engineering competence and production know-how has been built ever since. Comprehensive know-how, experience of many years and latest production methods for highest product quality to achieve the best quality in the foundry industry, such as:

  • Casting
  • Decoring / Desanding
  • Cooling
  • Sawing
  • Deburring / milling
  • Cleaning
  • Arc Wire Coating (LDS)
  • Inorganic core sand reclamation
  • Lost foam

Products and services

Foundry technology:

  • Casting lines
  • Cooling
  • Finishing lines
  • Decoring
  • Deburring
  • Sawing, Milling
  • Chip Cleaning
  • Process Lines
  • Arc Wire Coating
  • Automation
  • Special Machines
  • Inorganic Core Sand Reclamation
Fully automated casting line

Fully automated casting line

• Gravity casting
• Production of aluminum cylinder heads
• 3 different types of heads (mix production possible)
• Cycle time = 60 seconds
• High flexibility with gripper changing system

Process steps:
• Manual core assembly
• Automated core package transport to mold (with robot)
• Automated melt transport to mold (with robot)
• Automated unloading of hot casting (with robot)
• Handover to cooling area

Fully automated finishing line

Fully automated finishing line

• Finishing of aluminum crankcases
• 6 different types of crankcases (in mix production)
• Cycle time = 50 seconds

Process steps:
• DMC code signing with laser
• Decoring of castings
• § Pre decoring – hammering
• § Main decoring – vibration and rotation
• § Post decoring – frequency transducer
• Sawing of top and bottom side
• Robot guided de-flashing at circular sawing and milling tools
• Removal of inner riser
• Cleaning process – vibration, rotation and blowing station

Arc wire coating unit

Arc wire coating unit

• Steel coating for cylinder running surface of aluminum crankcases
• several different types of crankcases possible (in mix production)
• Type of blocks: 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, 6-, 8-cylinder blocks

Process steps:
• Manual loading (automation possible)
• Automated input with round table
• Coating process for all cylinders
• Automated output
• Manual unloading (automation possible)


R. Scheuchl GmbH
Königbacher Str. 17
94496 Ortenburg

Phone: +49 8542 165-0
Fax: +49 8542 165-33

Benjamin Sammer
General Manager China

Shenyang De Shu R. Scheuchl Co., Ltd
No. 49, Xinghua North Street, Tiexi District
Shenyang, Liaoning Province
P. R. China

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